Car Hire and Van Rental Services: All You Need To Know

Are you planning a family holiday in the near future? Might you be required to travel abroad due to business obligations? If so, there are many times when hiring a car or a van can represent an excellent choice to consider. Still, there are a number of logistical concerns to keep in mind. What do you need to address before committing to a specific service? How can you ensure that you are selecting the most appropriate vehicle your needs. Are there any firms which provide more reliable services than others? Let's take a look at these questions so that you will be able to make an informed and cost-effective decision.

A Quick Look at Your Car Hire Options

It is first important to highlight some of the options that you will need to consider before making the right choice.

  • Perhaps the most obvious is whether you will be travelling alone or with others. This will obviously translate to the size of the vehicle in question.
  • Another issue involves how much you can afford to spend. Keep in mind that we are not only referring to the rental price of the car in question.
  • You will also need to take into account the amount of petrol that might be required to travel between two different points. While some firms will include this figure within their overall pricing package, others will require you to pay an additional amount if you exceed specific mileage limits. You could also be obliged to provide the vehicle with a full tank of petrol before returning it to the rental agency.
  • Finally, always determine if you are offered any type of insurance clause within the rental package. There are many instances when it could be better to purchase a short-term insurance plan; even if it only covers third-party liability. This is important if you happen to be travelling long distances, as issues such as breakdowns and even the occasional accident could result in hefty overcharges.

As we stated previously, some car hire firms enjoy a more reliable and transparent reputation than others. This is why we have put together a brief list of companies which have received the most positive reviews from clients:

Be sure to look into what each of these companies has to offer in order to make the right choice well in advance.

Your International Car Rental Possibilities Explained in Detail

Travelling abroad to locations such as the European mainland will require you to address a few different variables when compared to domestic needs alone. While some factors are the same (such as the length of the contract and the size of the vehicle in question), any trip abroad is associated with additional concerns.

  • It is normally best to purchase a short-term insurance plan in addition to the one offered by the firm. This arises from the simple fact that most companies will provide you with a bare minimum of coverage. You might not be protected if you happen to break down in remote locations; resulting in massive out-of-pocket costs.
  • In the same respect, always be sure to determine what types of customer service options are available if you happen to run into trouble. Are you provided with a 24/7 contact number? If the company has satellite offices in foreign countries, do their representatives speak English? After all, the last thing you desire is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere only to discover that you are also faced with a profound language barrier.

Assuming that you have adequately addressed the metrics outlined above, what are some of the most reliable firms (according to the most recent data)? Here are some companies which tend to be preferred over their generic counterparts:

Please keep in mind that it is wise to check whether or not the firm in question has offices within the country that you plan to visit. This can help to prevent complicated logistical issues in the event of a problem.

Van Hire: The Ins and Outs

In many ways, your approach to van hire should be quite different when compared to renting a car. The price and size of the van are obviously important to determine well in advance. You should also discover whether or not the van in question is equipped with additional amenities. These can include robust locking mechanisms, four-wheel drive, sliding side doors, and remote alarms.

  • Let's assume for a moment that you are hiring a van for personal reasons (such as taking the family on a holiday to the north of England). In this case, creature comforts such as onboard entertainment, reclining seats and an amble amount of space are critical concerns. As always, be sure to take a look at how much mileage the van has to offer (in terms of both city and rural driving).
  • If you happen to require a van for business needs, the associated concerns are actually quite different. While insurance is obviously paramount, take a look at the length of the contract as well as how much it will cost to renew. There can be times when it is decidedly better to opt for a longer contract, as monthly premiums tend to be lower.
  • Speaking of van hire premiums, you will always be required to make a down payment in order to secure the vehicle. Placing a larger initial payment will inevitably lower what you are required to contribute monthly. Of course, this is only relevant if you are looking at long-term van hire services.

Let us finally examine some of the top van hire firms in the United Kingdom. Here is a short list in no particular order:

Similar to the previous sections, always make it a point to speak with a representative from each of these companies in order to get a better idea of what they have to offer. It is also wise to search for independent reviews, as objective opinions can help you make an informed decision.