Energy Suppliers: Finding Cheap Gas & Electricity

The energy sector has become a very competitive marketplace. While there are now more choices at your disposal than ever before, the ability to save a significant amount of money is also realistic. However, the majority of consumers are unaware of the steps that need to be taken if they hope to find the best deals as well as still enjoying reliable services. The intention of this article is to first examine the two main categories of energy within the United Kingdom (electricity and gas) while addressing some of the variables to examine within each section so that you will be able to encounter the most appropriate bundles. In order to expedite the process even further, we will likewise list the top providers so that you can navigate to the appropriate web page when the time is right. Without further hesitation, let's begin.

Electricity Providers at a Glance

There are numerous firms which supply electricity to clients across the United Kingdom. However, the first main takeaway point here is that these tend to be confined to specific regions. In other words, it might not always be possible to switch providers (depending upon where you are currently located).

While coal still accounts for a sizeable portion of power production, a growing number of companies are now delving into alternative sources such as wind and solar power. Not only is this important from an environmental point of view, but the tariffs themselves are slated to drop in the coming years as the technology becomes more advanced. So, expect to enjoy more amenable rates in the future.

As you might have imagined, companies will calculate rates based off of your consumption during a given time period. This normally occurs on a monthly basis in the form of a direct debit charge to your account. However, there can also be times when energy usage is estimated as opposed to providing you with an exact reading. The only main difference here is that any discrepancies in regards to this estimated will be rectified in future bills.

Metering is another important aspect to appreciate. While traditional energy measurement devices consisted of a rotating disc, the majority are equipped with a digital readout that transmits its data directly to the provider in the form of a wireless connection. The main benefit here is that you will always be able to know how much energy you are using. Additionally, bills can be calculated precisely.

Some of the factors to take into account when choosing a firm include:

  • The existing tariffs and surcharges
  • Whether their services are available in your region
  • If the installation of a meter will cost extra
  • Your contact options in the event that a problem is encountered.

Finally, let us quickly list the top electricity providers within the current UK marketplace:

Always feel free to examine the services associated with each in greater detail.

Finding the Best Gas Supplier for Your Needs

There are many advantages associated with gas as a form of energy production. Unlike traditional sources such as coal, this is a very clean means to provide electricity and power to the masses. This is also one of the reasons why conglomerates such as British Gas have grown immensely during the past few decades. If you hope to make an informed decision when choosing a provider, it is a good idea to examine a few key metrics as well as some questions to address early on. Let us therefore examine both of these topics so that you can enjoy a superior sense of clarity before committing to a specific contract.

The Main Types of Gas Energy Production and What to Address

There are several different types of gases which may be used to create energy. These include ethane, methane and butane. Regardless of the initial source, the process itself involves burning this natural gas in order to hear water. This water is then converted into steam which is used to power turbines and to create electricity. Of course, there are also times when firms supply this very same gas directly to properties so that it can be used to heat a home. The main takeaway point is that these are extremely clean-burning fuels and they are much better for the environment when compared to fossil-based sources.

Much like we observed in the previous section regarding electricity, gas providers are more often than not broken down by their specific region within the United Kingdom. This is why it is first prudent to research which company supplies the location in which you presently reside.

Tariffs are just as important, as these will have a dramatic impact upon your monthly billing statements. You are normally charged a flat rate in the form of a tariff along with a standard surcharge. Be sure that both of these variables are made very clear from the beginning to avoid any contractual issues in the future. Speaking of contracts, what length are you expected to sign and will you be penalised in the event that you wish to change providers? Another important factor involves whether you have to pay extra for call-outs if you encounter a problem at your home. Some companies will levy an additional fee. When in doubt be sure to contact a customer service specialist.

Now that we can appreciate the basics involving gas services, let us quickly list the top UK firms:

As we can see, many of these also supply electricity to their clients. This is why purchasing a package deal could ultimately represent your best option.