Pet Friendly Holidays: Enjoy Your Vacation Together

Many of us have grown quite attached to a furry friend or two. It it therefore perfectly reasonable to observe that leaving a pet alone while on holiday is not the most agreeable option. As opposed to settling for a kennel (and paying extensive fees), why not instead opt for a pet-friendly getaway? Not only can these alternatives be a great deal of fun, but you and your pet will enjoy memories to last a lifetime. What types of holidays can you choose from? Are there any factors to take into account before leaving? What websites can help you find great deals? Let us go ahead and take a closer look at these subjects.

What Types of Pet-Friendly Holidays Exist?

Let's first start off by mentioning that some locations do not allow pets. This is often the case in regards to hotels and flight arrangements. The good news is that performing a simple online search such as "pet-friendly holiday" followed by a specific destination will normally provide you with a host of different options.

One popular suggestion is to look at cruise ship bookings. There are several advantages to this method. First, many cruise ships will allow you to bring a pet on board due to the fact that you will have your own private berth. Secondly, the pets themselves will enjoy superior levels of comfort when compared to other options such as travelling across Europe on a decidedly confining train. Finally, you can disembark at numerous ports (such as those across the Mediterranean) with your pet and enjoy all that these amazing cities have to offer.

On the other hand, you might instead wish to enjoy superior levels of peace and relaxation with your furry friend. While some hotels offer pet-friendly accommodations, you are often better off choosing a private residence such as a chalet or a self-catered apartment. Many properties offer pet-friendly services and one again, there is generally plenty of space for dogs and cats to stretch their legs.

Of course, it is always wise to perform a fair amount of research in advance to determine the specific amenities associated with the suggestions mentioned above. This brings us to the next point. What types of questions and topics should you address in advance?

How to Get the Best Deal and What Should You Take Into Account?

Getting the best deal on any holiday (including one with a pet) will always involve booking reservations well in advance. In other words, be sure to look at tickets at least 12 weeks before you intend to depart for the destination in question. This will help to ensure that you are able to receive the best price. It is likewise prudent to take a look at if you will be charged anything extra when bringing a pet along.

The second main concern involves how to prepare for your journey. Make sure that your pet is up to date with all shots and vaccinations. If you are in doubt, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. In terms of a pet passport, the same holds true. Remember that much like their human counterparts, pets will not be allowed to travel to a foreign country if they do not possess the proper forms of identification. If you are unsure what is required, contact your consulate or the embassy of the country that you plan to visit. Of course, this is not a concern if you will simply be travelling throughout the United Kingdom.

The Top Online Holiday Providers

Now that we have addressed some of the most basic logistics to take into account, how can you compare and contrast the top holiday providers as well as your pet-friendly options? The best way is to use highly respectable travel-related websites. Some of the most popular within the United Kingdom include:

By planning ahead, both you and your pet will undoubtedly enjoy an unforgettable holiday in no time at all.