Beautiful Destinations For A Dream Holidays

Modern technology has opened up a wealth of travel opportunities to those who are interested in seeing the world around them. Not only are there countless destinations to choose from, but many of these can be reached in a matter of hours. When we consider the fact that only a century ago travel times to locations such as the United States or Japan were measured in terms of weeks, we have indeed come a long way within a relatively short period of time. The intention of this article is to highlight some of the most popular destinations and to briefly describe what unique amenities are associated with each. The ultimate goal is to provide you with enough information in order to perform additional research as you see fit. Without further ado, let us begin.

Hawaii Holidays

Known for its year-round balmy temperatures and some of the most amazing beaches on the planet, Hawaii attracts countless visitors from across the globe throughout the year. Due to the nature of these volcanic islands, stunning attractions such as Mount Kilauea display nature at its most pristine (and unpredictable). Sacred Falls State Park and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are other must-see destinations if you hope to enjoy the flora and fauna. In terms of beaches, a handful of the best include Maui, Oahu and Honolulu. The culture here is quite welcoming and if you do not mind a rather long flight plan, Hawaii could be the ideal holiday destination.

Hong Kong Holidays

It is interesting to note that Hong Kong was considered to be somewhat of a backwater until the latter half of the 20th century. Thanks in part to western influences, it is now very popular and it attracts millions of visitors every season. Another benefit worth mentioning is that unlike other Asian cities, the majority of the population here speaks at least a moderate level of English. Hoping to take the family along? Why not visit major attractions such as Disneyland Hong Kong or Ocean Park? The history to be found here is also very rich thanks to sites including Lan Tau Island and the massive Tian Tan Buddha.

India Holidays

It is estimated that India is currently home to more than two billion inhabitants and this population continues to increase. This has given rise to major foreign investments and a burgeoning technological market. While cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai are certainly worth a closer look, why not take a walk off of the beaten path? The northern regions of India are famous for attractions such as Museum of Himchai Culture, Amristar, Hardawar and Manali. It is said that each of these regions is associated with its own unique culture and traditions, so there is perhaps no better way to appreciate the unique history of this truly massive nation.

Japan Holidays

Known as the Land of the Rising Sun since ancient times, Japan has now entered into the 21st century and it currently represents one of the most impressive economic powerhouses in all of Asia. From the northern regions associated with traditional Shinto religious practices to southern massively populated southern locations, there is indeed something here for everyone. A handful of worthwhile attractions include Mount Fuji, the temple of Fushimi Inari Taisha, the temple of Kiyomizu-dera and the bustling nightlife associated with the capital city of Tokyo. If you hope for some fun in the sun, you will be surprised to learn of the presence of beautiful beaches such as Miyakojima and (with a short flight), the shores of Okinawa.

Mauritius Holidays

The small island nation of Mauritius is found nestled within the vast expanse of the Indian notion. While geographically diminutive, the fact of the matter is that Mauritius is full of interested and exciting attractions. One prime example is the sheer variety of beaches to be found here. Pristine stretches of sand including Grand Baie, Flic-and-Flec and Le Mourne should never be missed during your stay. Other interesting sights to include within the itinerary can be seen in the capital city of Saint-Denis, the naturally beauty associated with the Black River Gorge and a large summit known as Le Mourne Brabant which provides you with excellent panoramic views of the nearby region.

Mexico Holidays

Mexico is one of the largest countries within the North American continent and the kaleidoscope of attractions to be found here certainly pays testament to this fact. While the inland regions are known for archaeological ruins such as those of El Castillo and Coba, many plan a holiday here to enjoy the beaches found upon either coastline. The easternmost beaches include Tulum, Isla Mujeres and Puerto Vallarta. Let's also remember that Cancun is found within this region. The western beaches are known for their challenging waves and they are popular within the surfing community. Some worthwhile spots include Playa de Carmen and Sayulita. Mexico City is also a great destination if you hope to soak up some of the urban culture to be found here.

Morocco Holidays

Morocco is located on the north western coast of North Africa and it has been an important trading post since ancient times. Thanks to its proximity to Europe, arriving here will only require a matter of hours. The Moroccan weather is quite temperate throughout the year although summers here can become quite warm. The main city which is often visited is Marrakech; particularly its medieval quarter and its maze-like streets. Many open-air bazaars are frequented by those who are looking to pick up a few souvenirs before they depart. Other noteworthy attractions include a large garden known as Jardin Majorelle and the massive expanse of Bahia Mosque.

Barbados Holidays

Located within the Caribbean Sea, it can be argued that Barbados is one of the most famous island holiday destinations thanks to its incredible year-round climate. The beaches here are phenomenal; particularly Bridgetown, Bathsheba and Holetown. Still, inlance destinations have just as much to offer. Sites including Harrison's Cove, Hunte's Gardens and Animal Flower Cave are amazing to behold. As you may have guessed, Barbados is known for its natural beauty and much of the land is protected in the form of natural parks. Stop over to the capital city of Bridgetown for high-class luxury hotels and be sure to partake in maritime adventures such as glass-bottom boat rides and snorkelling during your stay.

Bali Holidays

Bali is a famous Indonesian island quite known for its towering mountain peaks and a thriving tourist sector. Notwithstanding the rainy season, the weather here tends to be warm and humid throughout the year. Beaches, coral reefs and picturesque rice paddies dot the island and the locals here are known for their friendly and open attitude. Resort towns such as Kuda and Sanor are the top tourist spots to enjoy; especially if you are looking to partake in the famous Bali nightlife. Hikers can climb Mount Batur while those looking to appreciate the local culture are encouraged to visit temples such as Uluwatu and the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

Canada Holidays

At nearly ten million square Kilometres, Canada is by far the largest country within North America. This feature has likewise provided it with the ability to offer a host of tourist attractions. Those who visit here are bound to come back for more and regardless of the time of the year, Canada will not disappoint. The majority of the major cities including Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal are found relatively close to the American border while more rugged beauty (such as the Canadian Rocky Mountains) are located within the northern and inland regions. The island of Vancouver is located off of the western coast; quite famous for its artistic community and captivating coastline while Niagara Falls is a favourite amongst tourists. Other popular activities to be enjoyed include cruises along the Canadian coast, hiking, camping and frequenting the nightlife associated with the major cities.

Caribbean Holidays

The Caribbean Sea is home to hundreds of small islands and yet, a handful attract a milieu of visitors every year. The most popular spots include Cuba, Hispaniola and Jamaica. Other popular resort destinations include Barbados and the Bahamas. Although there is no doubt that he beaches here are extremely popular, the entire region is known for its scintillating nightlife and pristine natural parks. In fact, some of the species of flora and fauna to be found within the Caribbean are not present anywhere else on the planet. Popular tourist activities include swimming and surfing (naturally), attending luxury spas, hiking and frequenting the centres of large cities such as Havana and Bridgetown.

China Holidays

It is estimated that China is now home to more than 1.38 billion citizens and this is also one of the largest countries in the world. It therefore stands to reason that China is a very popular tourist destination. Massive cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzen are known for a kaleidoscope of urban delights although in truth, many visitors instead prefer to explore the inner portion of the county. It can be argued that the Great Wall of China is the most well-known attraction and let, large natural parks such as Potatso National Park as well as Shennongjia are increasingly famous for their beauty. Other major attractions include the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and Emperor Quinshihuang's preserved mausoleum which houses thousands of life-sized clay soldiers.

Dubai Holidays

Thanks to the presence of oil as well as a large influx of foreign investments, Dubai has been transformed into one of the most luxurious destinations on the planet. If money is no option and should you be a fan of warm weather, there is no doubt that this entire region will leave a lasting impression. It can be argued that the most well-known attraction within Dubai is the 160-storey high Burj Khalifa tower. However, this is only the beginning. Other amazing sights to behold include the Boardwalk of Palm Jumeirah, the expansive Dubai Mall and the high-class hotel known as the Burj Al-Arab Jumeirah. In fact, there is even a large indoor park which allows you to ski in the height of the summer!

Australia Holidays

Why not choose a trip to the outback and experience the "down under" from a first-hand perspective. To be sure, Australia is certainly known for its natural sense of rugged beauty. This is actually a bit of a misconception, as there are plenty of modern attractions to enjoy during your stay. The numerous beaches are a perfect example. Some of the most famous include Bondi Beach, the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. If nightlife and luxury are instead important, be sure to check out major cities including Melbourne and Sydney (known for its famous opera house).  However, keep in mind that the seasons are reversed within the southern hemisphere. This signifies that winter in the United Kingdom is the equivalent to summer in Australia.

United States Holidays

When it comes to holidays abroad, everyone should make it a point to visit the United States. From the shores of California to the tropical confines of Florida and everything in between, many feel that the United States is the most eclectic nation on the planet. The Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate Bridge and New York City are only a handful of choices that you have. Thanks to the presence of large nature preserves such as Niagara Falls National Park and Yellowstone National Park, beauty here likewise abounds. Of course, be sure to plan your itinerary well in advance in order to make the most out of your time here.

Vietnam Holidays

Located upon the South China Sea, Vietnam has always exerted what can only be called a romantic influence within this portion of Asia. The capital of Hanoi has undergone a massive change from a modernity point of view over the last few decades and therefore, Vietnam is a very popular tourist destination. There are countless beaches to enjoy during your stay although it is also a good idea to take an excursion into the interior. The natural beauty here abounds and you can also visit historical sites such as the Hoan Kiem Lake Temple and the famous One Pillar Pagoda. It is best to avoid the rainy season (between May and September) if you hope to enjoy the most amenable weather conditions.

How to Plan Your Holiday in Advance

There are a number of steps to take if you hope to find the best deals currently on the marketplace. Here are a handful of professional suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Always book reservations well in advance; sometimes as much as 16 weeks before your departure date.
  • Make sure that your passport and all relevant paperwork is valid.
  • Check to make certain that all vaccinations are up to date
  • Consider purchasing short-term travel insurance.
  • Learn a handful of basic phrases when travelling to a nation associated with a foreign language.
  • Take currency exchange rates into account
  • Use online travel comparison sites to find the best deals and discounts

Let us conclude by taking a quick look at a handful of worthwhile travel sites to consider when planning your holiday abroad.

The Top Travel-Related Websites When Planning an International Holiday

Here are the top five travel websites which will help you compare prices, to select the appropriate hotels and to keep up to date with the latest discounts:

If ever in doubt or should you wish to learn more about a specific destination, the information contained within this article can come in quite handy.