Housekeeper Services Guide

Have you noticed that your home appears to be a bit dishevelled lately? Are you expecting guests from out of town in the near future or do you hope to put the property up for sale? These are some of the many reasons why professional housekeeping services could represent an excellent option. What types of tasks will these professional agencies perform? Are there any factors to address from the beginning? How can you select the best company for your personal requirements? Let's take a look at these questions so that the most informed decision can be made at the appropriate time.

A Look at Your Options

Housekeeping is a very broad category by its very nature. The main goal is normally to provide you with a top-down solution. Whether referring to upholstery and carpets or kitchens and bathrooms, the all-in-one nature of professional housekeepers has enabled them to represent an invaluable asset around the home. Still, some of their main tasks include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Doing laundry
  • Cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens
  • Mopping and sweeping
  • Removing rubbish
  • Dusting, polishing and similar manual tasks

There may also be times when a housekeeper addresses exterior areas. While not necessarily considered landscaping, smaller projects such as cleaning patios or sweeping up leaves in the autumn are common. These services may be included as part of a package deal or you might be required to pay extra. This primarily depends upon the company in question.

You also have several terms of regards to contracts and payment options. The majority of housekeeping services will visit your home at least once every week on a predetermined day. This arises from the fact that they likely have a host of other clients to deal with. However, you might also be able to opt for more intensive service packages if you have a deadline (such as putting the property on the open real estate market). There are even some housekeeping firms which "rent out" their employees for weeks or months at a time. Of course, the price range for these and other options will vary. This brings us to the next main point.

Making the Best Decision

Choosing the most appropriate housekeeping firm does not have to be a challenging task. First, take a look at your current budget and how much you are comfortable paying within a typical billing cycle. This will allow you to narrow down the available options. It is also wise to decide whether you require a one-off cleaning or if you instead prefer a renewable contract (such as one which is valid for two or three months before it needs to be renewed. Always take budget into account, as it is normally not possible to change pricing plans once they have been agreed upon.

Reputation is extremely important when looking at different housekeeping companies. After all, you are allowing them into your home and they will likely have access to expensive objects (such as electronics and jewellery). ALWAYS make it a point to read testimonials that may be found online. If none are available, ask the firm in question if they are able to provide you with customer-based feedback or with a list of their current clients; particularly if they claim to deal with larger commercial locations alongside domestic projects.

It should also be mentioned that it is best to choose a firm that is located close to your property. This arises from the fact that many will charge for travel time as well as the amount of effort spent within the home itself. For instance those who are based out of London should perform an online search such as "London housekeeping services". This will provide you with a list of targeted and relevant results within seconds. Making an informed decision is the best way to enjoy a clean home.