Antivirus Software: Don’t Be A Victim Of Cyber Attacks

Viruses are a very real threat in this day and age? While we used to equate viruses to situations such as the common cold and the flu, the fact of the matter is that our electronic devices are at grave risk. Even larger organisations need to be cognisant in regards to how they protect sensitive information and customer data. However, the main takeaway point in this sense is that a growing number of hackers are choosing to target personal accounts. This arises from the simple fact that individuals are much less likely to employ the proper antivirus protection and as a result, they could be setting themselves up for major issues in the future. You will therefore need to know what to look for in an effective antivirus package. What different variants are there on the open market? Are free versions as effective as those which require a paid subscription? Are there any issues to take into account before committing to a specific provider? Let us examine these and other questions in more detail.

The Types of Antivirus Software Bundles

Antivirus software packages can be separated into a handful of categories:

  • Basic (free)
  • Basic (paid with added utilities)
  • Comprehensive

Basic programs are generally quite effective at detecting modern threats. However, the main issue here is that they normally do not offer the user the means to remove any spyware or malware that may be present. In other words, they are not cleaning tools in this sense. They are instead instruments used to detect the presence of a issue. Furthermore, free bundles may not be regularly updated. This can leave your system exposed to the latest threats. However, those who are on a budget can still benefit from the presence of this type of rudimentary firewall.

Other utilities offer a basic paid subscription service (usually billed on a monthly or yearly basis). The good news here is that you are also provided with a number of proactive utilities and tools in the event that a threat is detected. These systems can also be customised in the event that you are concerned about issues such as memory usage. Although the majority run in the background of an operating system, it is still possible to manually activate and deactivate their services when required.

Comprehensive antivirus software packages are by far the most effective bundles. Not only are these updated on a regular basis in regards to the latest emerging threats, but you are provided a dedicated customer support team if you happen to run into any issues. They are fully customisable and perhaps most importantly, you can choose a billing plan based around your unique budgetary requirements. Some are even equipped with a money-back guarantee in the event that they do not detect a threat that should have been recognised.

What to Consider

As hinted at above, it is normally better to opt for a paid antivirus software bundle. A monthly payment plan is a small price in regards to losing sensitive information or even having your entire operating system rendered useless. Notwithstanding price, be sure to examine the types of customer service solutions offered as well as if a representative is available on a 24/7 basis. How often is their repository of viruses updated and are these updates automatic? How will you be notified in the event that a threat is detected? Can this system work with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets? Can you include others within a single subscription? Will you be subject to any early cancellation fees in the event that you wish to switch providers? Finally, what have others had to say about their experiences? Determining the ratings and opinions of previous users is arguably the best way to predict the experience that you can expect.

The Top Antivirus Bundles Currently on the Market

Here are the top five antivirus software programs available at the time that this article was written:

Each of these is associated with its own set of perks, so be sure to perform additional research so that the best choice can be made.