Immigration Lawyers: Find A Lawyer To Help You

The world is an increasingly small place. Not only have geographic boundaries begun to blur, but the advent of mass transit now signifies that it is possible to travel to remote portions of the planet within mere hours. While there is no doubt that immigration has existed since the dawn of mankind, the fact of the matter is that it can sometimes represent a rather complicated issue. This is even more relevant when we take into account the observation that each nation has its own set of laws which citizens and visitors must adhere to during their stay. Thus, immigration law is now an important sector within the entire legal community. What types of immigration law exist within the United Kingdom and what is the role of an immigration lawyer? How can you find the best professional for your requirements and are there any firms which rise head and shoulders above the competition?

Immigration Law in the UK at a Glance

From a very general perspective, immigration can be segmented into the following categories:

  • Work visas
  • Leave to remain
  • Citizenship
  • Asylum
  • Illegal immigration

Countless individuals arrive to the United Kingdom in order to ply their trade in a vibrant economy. Therefore, immigration lawyers will specialise in the process of obtaining a valid work visa as well as informing their clients of all obligations required in order to remain legal residents within the United Kingdom until the time comes when they are able to apply for full citizenship.

Leave to remain essentially involves situations when an individual is granted residency within the United Kingdom for an indefinite period of time even though he or she might not have legal residency status at the present. Once again, immigration lawyers will be able to determine if certain criteria meet the leave to stay status.

Anyone who plans on applying for citizenship within the United Kingdom will need to employ the services of an immigration lawyer. This is absolutely essential in order to ensure that the right paperwork is filed and that all legal obligations are met well in advance of the physical application process.

In the same notion, those who plan on seeking asylum within the United Kingdom will need to consult with an immigration lawyer. This professional will determine the validity of such applications on a case-by-case basis. Thus, the applicant can remain confident that he or she is taking the correct steps at the appropriate times.

Illegal immigrants (those who have overstayed their visa or who arrive upon the shores of the United Kingdom with no documentation) will need to be represented by an immigration solicitor. This arises from the simple fact that they are likely unaware of their status as well as how this status relates to domestic law.

How to Find the Best Immigration Solicitor

Immigration law is a very serious matter. Thus, it only makes sense to choose a firm which has a significant amount of experience. Assuming that the individual or applicant in question is a non-native speaker, it is also prudent to select a solicitor or a firm which speaks his or her native tongue. Otherwise, the use of an expensive translator could be needed. Be certain that all of the most relevant certifications are present and when possible, ask to see a list of previous clients or any testimonials. These can often be obtained by performing a simple online query. On a final note, be certain to take the price of the services rendered into account. Some immigration lawyers will charge more than others. It is therefore wise to compare and contrast the services associated with at least three different firms in order to determine the most economical option (assuming that you are on a budget).

A Look at the Top Immigration Solicitors in the UK

In order to take the guesswork out of the equation, we have provided three of the most recognised immigration firms immediately below:

In the event that you have additional questions, please feel free to refer back to this article.